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July 01 2015

The obviously advantages of the high tech therapeutic antibody engineering

Cancer cell line panel screening
Therapeutic antibody engineering refers to engineer which making use of recombinant DNA and protein engineering technology to achieve antibody gene modification and re-assembly process and then express the antibody molecule after appropriate transfection or recipient. The antibody molecules which produced by the related recombinant antibody production belongs to the human antibody molecule which can be retained or increased the main biological specificity and activity of the native antibody and then remove or reduce those independent structure. As its flexibility, this product has more potential applications in the near future.

Compared with the monoclonal antibody, the related Therapeutic antibody engineering has the following advantages.

First, through the transformation of the genetic engineering techniques such as Antibody-drug conjugates, it can effectively reduce or even eliminate the rejection of human antibodies.
Secondly, the molecule amount of the genetically engineer is relatively smaller. So, it can be partially reduced murine antibody which will enhance the penetrating performance of antibody to the vessel wall and then enter into the core of the lesion site.

Thirdly, according to the need of treatment, the technician from famous Therapeutic antibody engineering service supplier www.chempartner.com said that this engineer could help to prepare the related products.

Fourthly, by the help of the high tech content therapeutic antibody engineering, the technician can use a variety of expressions prokaryotic cells, eukaryotic cells and plants and other large number of expressing ways which could help to largely decrease the cost.

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